There's plenty of choice when it comes to mattress shopping. Seems like they are for sale everywhere nowadays. However, all these 'other' stores advertise only about prices, constant, never ending sales. The reality is that what is truly important is the comfort, a preference that changes with each customer. here at Sweet Dreams we've been selling mattresses to your friends and neighbors for 22 years. We work with you to find the right product for your unique needs. 

After all we live in a small town, where word of mouth is our biggest strength. Our customers recognize our simple honest customer service and informative shopping experience. Buying a mattress should be easier than buying a car ! And while you, the customer chooses where you shop, we also choose who we represent. It's not all about brand names - which we have, of course - but it's about you and your needs, the most suitable mattress at the best possible price.


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Mattress Types


American Made Memory Foam

    US made memory foam is a man made material that offers incredible supportive properties and is anti microbial. It supports from head to toe with reduced pressure, as it molds to your unique body profile, based on your weight and temperature. It is comfortable and durable.



    Pure Talalay latex is one of the world's finest materials for a mattress. It is hypo allergenic, anti bacterial and mould and dust mite resistant. Talalay latex produces less pressure and provides better support than almost anything else, including Dunlop latex. It has excellent breathability and is the most durable of all mattress materials.



    Hybrid mattresses offer a combination of pressure relieving memory foam over a coil spring inner core. This type of support is currently very popular with consumers who enjoy the conforming, technologically advanced comfort of American made memory foam, along with the familiar support of coil springs, all at a very economical price.



    The long established heritage of a traditional coil spring mattress is still a popular choice. Whilst there have been huge leaps forward in the technology of spring design, the basic concept has not changed and most of us grew up sleeping on this type of mattress. There is an inner spring mattress available to suit the sleep needs and budget of almost everyone.


Hybrid Latex

    Hybrid Talalay latex mattresses offer many of the immense benefits of a pure Talalay product at a more economical price point.



    The water bed is still a unique choice favored by many for its' unique conforming and supportive qualities. A lot of customers will sleep on nothing else. Sweet Dreams has been selling waterbeds for over 20 years and is one of the few retailers knowledgable on the subject.